Black Friday is just around the corner, but is your marketing strategy ready for the biggest
online shopping event of the year? 2020 is set to be the biggest black Friday yet. With
National restrictions closing all non-essential shops, even more people will be shopping

If you sell products online, you can expect a huge spike in traffic and revenue if your
marketing is primed and ready to make the most of it. Or if you sell a service, you can get in
on the marketing action and benefit from Black Friday too. Whatever business you’re in, our
top 5 tips for maximising your Black Friday marketing will make sure you’re ready for the
busiest time of the year.

Email marketing

It’s more than just sending out a marketing email and sitting back and waiting for the
results. Plan your emails so they go out at the right time and give just the right amount of
information to keep your customers interested. Share exclusive discounts, add a call to
action to sign up to your newsletter and make sure the email is visual, with clear benefits to
keep your conversion rate high. There’s a fine line between enthusiastic and annoying, so
keep a check on how many emails you’re sending.


I know, I know. Pop-ups are a touchy subject. But they’ve been proven to work when used
properly. Adding a Black Friday pop up to your site can increase engagement with visitors
who would otherwise just be browsing. Ask them to sign up for early access or exclusive
discounts, or give them clear information about what they can expect on the day, including
shipping times and any relevant COVID-19 information.

Do your research

The likelihood is, all of your competitors are having some sort of Black Friday sale. Make
sure you do your research and check out what the competition is doing, and when. Could
you start your campaign earlier, or leave it later and swoop in with even better offers?
More than a discount

So you’re offering a Black Friday discount, great. But what can you add that will give your
business the edge? You could enter customers into a giveaway, offer extra points if you
have a points programme, or something as simple as free delivery works really well. If
you’re teaming up with a charity during Black Friday and donating cash or products, make
sure you promote how you’re giving something back.

Be creative with your content

This one will depend on your brand, but have fun with it. Try something different to engage
your customers and grab their attention with something new. ‘X’ amount of discount is
great, but think about how you can change things up in a way that fits in with your brand

If you’ve made it this far, we like you. So here’s a bonus tip just for you:

Remember to create a sense of urgency, without advocating panic buying (we’ve had
enough of that this year.) This has a lot to do with the words you use and how you use
them, so check your copy is on point before you press send.