The fight for the featured snippet spot is very much on, as has been for the last couple of years. You’ve probably seen it hundreds of times without realising, and most likely take your answer from it when searching online. To keep it simple and avoid SEO jargon, think of it as the ‘answer box’ that gives a short and sweet answer to whatever people are searching for. Check out our handy guide below, to give you an insight into how your business can benefit from the featured snippet phenomenon.

What is a featured snippet?

A featured snippet is the information that appears at the very top of the search engine, before the first website result. It’s a snippet of information that the search engine has deemed to be the most useful and direct answer to the search query. It’s becoming increasingly clear that businesses can take advantage of this by optimising their content to be featured snippet friendly. Featured snippets are fast becoming key in marketing strategies and taking the time to understand how they work can have many benefits. If the marketing benefits weren’t enough, the SEO industry has named the featured snippet ‘position Zero’, making it sound like something cool and mysterious from a James Bond film.

How can my business appear in a featured snippet?

We won’t lie to you, it’s not easy. If you’re feeling like a little fish in a big pond, don’t worry. Pure Marketing are committed to supporting your business and helping you achieve your marketing goals. Here are a few ideas to help you bag that featured snippet spot:

Structure – The metaphorical featured snippet selection panel like short paragraphs, bullet points, and tables. Try to feature these across your website to increase your chances of success.

Be patient – It won’t happen overnight. SERPs are sensitive souls that are always changing their minds and moving the goal posts.

Think about the visuals – Featured snippets are often accompanied by a link and image, so be sure to include these on your content pages.

Do your research – Learn what users are searching for in your field, and include concise answers on your website.

Answer the question – To put it simply, the website that features the most accurate answer to the search – wins. A featured snippet will show the most direct answer to the question, so make sure you answer it.

How can Pure Marketing help?

Here at Pure Marketing, our aim is to make marketing simple, impactful, and cost effective. We do everything we can to give your business the online visibility it deserves. To help with this, we’re currently offering a free website audit. Our expert team will analyse your website and discover how you can improve your Google rankings, increase website visitors, and grow your presence online. You can find out more about our free website audit here.

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