Whether you engage in paid traffic or not, it’s crucial that you can find ways to bring search traffic to your e-commerce website organically via SEO.

To maximise your chances of turning prospective visitors into customers, you have to optimise multiple elements of your website. While it may be a time-consuming and lengthy process, but one that an pay off enormous rewards for the business who invest the time and resources into this area of their marketing strategy.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can optimise your SEO and maximise your organic traffic.

  1. Optimise for mobile

Ensuring that your senior is fully optimised for mobile is perhaps the most beneficial thing you can do not just to boost your SEO rankings but to improve the overall experience of your customer. Even Google themselves claim that when ranking websites, they will often pay most attention to the mobile version of your site. Given the significance of your mobile website’s performance, it is crucial that you can optimise it fully to boost rankings.

  1. Make sure your descriptions are engaging

Perhaps the easiest way to separate yourself from the competition in your industry, not just in the eyes of your customer but concerning the search engine ranking too is to offer an engaging and informative product description. The more competition you have, the higher your opportunity is to set yourself apart. Always make sure to fill your stories with organic keywords to improve your ranking. When this is done well, it is also a great way to boost conversions too!

  1. Get some Reviews!

The easiest way to do this is by creating some kind of incentive scheme to encourage users to leave reviews. Of course, you should be communicating with your past customers any way to try and boost repeat sales. All you need to do is add a little message onto the end of an email, for example, perhaps offering a small coupon for those who take up on your offer and leave a review. Doing so will generate more organic traffic from search engines.

  1. Manage loading speeds

One of the most crucial elements in Google’s algorithm is having a website that loads quickly. This doesn’t just improve your ranking, but also increases the chances of your website visitors converting to customers too! While you don’t need to be lightning-fast, of course, making a couple of steps in the right direction are always a great place to start!

  1. Get your internal linking right

Many ‘gurus’ might tell you that linking is outdated, but nothing could really be further from the truth. If you can focus on placing links throughout your website for the benefit of your readers, the search engines will reward you for it, as long as you don’t stuff your site with non-relevant links.

It may often be overlooked in businesses in favour of paid traffic sources, but the payoffs of leveraging organic traffic are invaluable. While it takes commitment, consistency and dedication, it is most certainly a price worth paying in the long run.