The COVID-19 pandemic was the crisis no one saw coming. It has hit everyone hard and for a while, the world hit pause. The world may have changed, but marketing has changed with it. During these uncertain times, how can you adapt your online marketing plans to fall in line with the new normal?

Understandably, businesses have been cautious with their online marketing strategy in recent months. Not only to keep an eye on their budget but to ensure their marketing wasn’t seen to be in bad taste. You may have closed your doors to the public physically, but the internet is a worldwide door that’s always open.

Communication is key

It’s not necessarily what you say, it’s the way you say it. Be mindful of the content you’re putting out there. You can’t ignore what’s going on, but it’s key that you’re not seen to be taking advantage either. The tone of your content needs to be empathetic and understanding, while still promoting your business. Don’t worry, you don’t need to throw your marketing plan away, just take some time to adapt it and make sure that as a consumer, you’d be happy to see it in the current climate. Here are some quick tips you can incorporate straight away:

  • Update your website with regular blogs about relevant topics.
  • Share positive posts about how your employees have helped out during this tough time.
  • Keep your communication lines open as much as possible.
  • Reassure customers by sharing photos of safety measures you have in place.
  • There is enough doom and gloom – spread positivity!

Transparency builds trust

We’re starting to see things open again, which is great news for businesses. However, every business has been on a different journey during this tough time. Being open and honest with your customers and clients will build trust, confirm loyalty, and maintain your reputation.

It’s important to keep your customers in the loop, as silence could mean they go elsewhere. Social media is an excellent tool to use for online marketing, but it’s also a place where you can connect with your customers. Businesses that gained social media traction during the lockdown are those that engaged with their customers and shared interesting and appropriate content.

Update your website

If your premises are closed during the pandemic, your website is your new shop front! You’ll be getting an increased flow of traffic, so make sure it’s ready. Add any updates to your services, shipping delays, or any specific information that’s useful.

It’s essential to let your customers know your operating hours. If you’re still open, but with reduced hours, make sure you update them on your website, social media pages and Google my business account as soon as possible. If you have a Google my business account, be sure to choose the ‘temporarily closed’ option rather than ‘permanently closed’, as this will eliminate all the hard work you have put into building your SEO.

If your marketing hasn’t gone to plan, and you need help to get it back on track, get in touch with our marketing experts today. We’d be happy to help you.