We’re so used to typing something into Google and getting millions of results in under a second. But how can you make sure your business is getting the visibility it deserves? By improving your Google rankings.

Improving your Google rankings won’t happen overnight. It’s a complex process that will take time to get right. SEO is constantly changing, and at Pure Marketing UK, we keep up to date with trends to make sure you have the best chance of the top result. Getting your SEO right will even boost your chances of landing the holy grail of SEO – the featured snippet.

You may be thinking, ‘where do I start?’. Here are our top tips to improve your Google rankings:

Research and plan

Research is key to kick starting your SEO strategy. Start by doing a simple google search using words and phrases likely to be used for your business, and see what’s featured at the top. Researching competitor websites and finding out what’s popular in your field is a great starting point. Centre your plan around improving what you have, and building a Google friendly page.

Register for Google my Business

While most SEO will take a while to produce results, this one’s a quick fix. Creating a Google my business account will improve your rankings straight away, as Google will recognise that your business is registered. You’ll get a pin number to confirm your account in the post, then you can get started with posting updates, adding your opening hours, and replying to customer reviews.

Consistent content

The content you put out there is a key factor in deciding where the powers that be at Google rank your page. Once your customers have found your website, you want them to stay. Stagnant or poorly written content will portray your business in a negative light. You need to strike the right balance between quality and quantity, making sure it’s relevant, engaging and grammatically correct. Start with a weekly blog or monthly newsletter that you can send to clients, and don’t forget to share your posts on your social media channels for extra exposure. Plan your content in advance, taking into consideration any events or national holidays that you can benefit from.

Check your Google analytics

If you’re a visual person and like to see how your business is faring in black and white, Google analytics is a great tool. It will help you identify the key phrases for your business, so you can work on improving your page. Monitor your analytics each month to find out what’s working and what isn’t, to keep your strategy streamlined. If your new to this and have any questions, just give us a call.

Optimise for SEO

You’ve probably seen the word ‘optimise’ a million times when you’ve been searching for ways to improve your Google rankings. But that’s what you need to do – optimise. The world of Google rankings is a competitive one, so you need to make sure your content is ready for the fight. Ensure your images are high quality, add Meta titles and descriptions, and use relevant keywords throughout.

Want to find out more about how Pure Marketing UK can help improve your SEO? Get in touch with our specialist marketing team today.